segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

Pico Castelo - Video

Located on the stunning island of Porto Santo, Madeira Islands, Pico do Castelo is the best known elevation of the island and is one of the best points to admire the beauty of this natural landscape, where one can see some islets that surround the island. 

 The highest point of Pico Castelo reaches 430 meters in height, lying almost on top is the bust in honor of Schiappa de Azevedo, who contributed greatly to the afforestation of the hill, once more desertified, there are also the ruins of a sixteenth century fortress , a symbol of defense of the people on the island from continued pirate attacks during turbulent centuries.

This afforestation had its beginning 30 years later, and now there is an opulent vegetation of tree species, which still at sea and over long distances causes admiration to the observer, in striking contrast to the aridity of the other hills. 

Its central location and ease of organizing the defense of people made it a real castle.  


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