quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2012

Calhau da Lapa

There are at least four good reasons to visit Calhau da Lapa (Limpet Stone):
  • the guarantee that you will find here the cleanest waters of the island 
  • the soothing tranquillity of this place!
  • the amazing waterfalls that delight canyoning lovers
  • the great multi-cache that waits for the adventurous geocachers.

Located in Campanário and hidden at the bottom of a steep slope, this beach offers crystal clear waters as a reward for those who decide to follow the difficult paths. We advise you to use comfortable shoes, not sandals, when you start your way down to Calhau da Lapa. Half of the path is paved and the other half is a dirt track. The landscape is dry but the horizon is all blue sea and the prospect of a well-deserved dive encourages you to continue.

 This beach is not paradise on earth, at least not if your idea of paradise depends on luxuries such as sun beds, parasols and a refreshing cocktail in your hand…but if peace of mind and crystal clear waters are on your priority list, then this is the ideal beach for you!


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